Raspberry Filled Vanilla with Chocolate Icing Cupcakes

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One of my favorite types of cupcakes are filled with some sort of fruit filling!  I love thinking you are getting a simple cupcake and then getting an amazing surprise when you bite into it.  The filling adds more flavor dimension in the cupcake and also look very pretty when cut in half:

These cupcakes were designed for a birthday party and were adorned with small purple icing accents.  The cake was a moist and fluffy vanilla cake topped with a milk chocolate buttercream.  Inside, the cupcakes were filled with a whipped raspberry cream.

There are hundred of choices when it comes to filled cupcakes.  You can choose from any cake flavor, any icing, and any filling!  The possibilities are endless and lead to some creative combinations!  What flavor combination would you like the most?

I would have to pick a vanilla cake with raspberry jam filling and cream cheese frosting.  This is my favorite when the cupcakes are miniature cupcakes so there is a good amount of filling for each small bite of the cupcake.

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