Wedding Shower Treats 2

Monday, April 23, 2012

Here are the lovely Petit Fours decorated to match the specialized cookies:

These were for a wedding shower at a sorority house in Macon, Georgia.  The Petit Fours are made with a wonderfully moist Pound Cake and covered with poured fondant.  The blue and white accents were made out of the same Royal Icing as the sugar cookies.

These Petit Fours can be filled with just about any flavor and can be decorated to accommodate any theme!

This batch of Petit Fours was one of the first I made years ago and I am still really impressed by how they turned out!  After making these and hearing all the good reviews I knew I could tackle most dessert projects!

I haven't stopped making desserts since and my love for desserts has grown tremendously over the years.  I have perfected my Petit Four recipe and have made many different varieties, shapes, and sizes.

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