Birthday Cake for Matt

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The most popular cake flavor by far is Pastry Shells Red Velvet Cake.  One of my friends, Matt, was particularly fond of this flavor so I made him a Red Velvet Birthday Cake!

I decorated this cake the old fashioned way.  Typically my decorations are clean and simple, however I wanted to experiment with my larger icing tips.  I decided to make the cake have larger borders and I think the outcome was a success!

You may have noticed the small red dot on the bottom of the cake...  
This is a white chocolate shell that is placed on every order.  Each type of cake has a different color shell; Red Velvet has a red shell.  For any cake or dessert that is specialized (i.e. a wedding cake, bachelorette cupcakes, etc.) I do not apply the shells unless asked.  Here is a closer look at the shell:

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