Chocolate Pie

Thursday, May 10, 2012

One of my best friends had a birthday and I wanted to make her favorite dessert and she requested Chocolate Pie with Meringue topping.  I had never made it before but was excited for the challenge.  Like I do with all my challenges I researched a lot and found a great recipe and I think it turned out great for my first Chocolate Pie:

I have made this pie several more times using my own pie crust and love it so much!  The meringue topping really makes a difference.  I have tried the pie with a cool whip topping and a whipped cream topping, but nothing beats the light and airy meringue next to the thick chocolate pudding-like filling.  I love the way this pie held its shape when cut too:

At the time of this picture the pie was still fairly warm and everyone was dying to dig in.  I made two pies, one for everyone to share and one for just the birthday girl.  Come to find out, she ended up eating the whole pie herself over the next week (I think she might have shared some with her now husband, but she takes credit for most of it)!  That is the best compliment I could receive!

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