Countdown: 3 days!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

That's right, three days until Wedding Cake day!  I have been planning for months and it seems surreal the wedding is THIS weekend!  I have a lot to do in the next few days and plan on posting a few pictures of each day sometime next week.  I plan to post some "teaser" pictures every night on my Facebook page if you want to keep track of my progress in real time!

Here is my schedule for the week:

Tonight:  Make the cake for the top two tiers and make the white chocolate ganache.
Tomorrow night (Thursday):  Make the third tier and make the cream cheese frosting (six batches, ah!).
Friday night:  Make the bottom tier and fill and stack all four tiers.
Saturday morning:  Pack everything up and drive to Macon.
Saturday afternoon:  Ice the cakes, roll out fondant, cover tiers in fondant, stack cake, decorate cake and go to the wedding!

There are some things that I have not necessarily assigned to a day, but they will get done when I have spare time:  color fondant, make peanut butter filling, make raspberry filling, etc.

Remember, Pastry Shells always makes every item in small batches.  I believe that everything taste better when made with the original, small batch recipe.  This means I will be making around 20 batches of cake batter and icing (I'll tally it all up and post the grand total in the future wedding cake post).  I truly believe making pastries this way delivers the best taste and makes it well worth the extra time.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon running to different stores picking up all the necessary ingredients and decorations I had yet to purchase.  With 90 degree weather it was completely exhausting!  Tonight will be a nice evening slaving away in my tiny kitchen... pain for some, but relaxing and fun for me!

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