Countdown: Baking Day 1

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last night I spent 6 hours in the kitchen making 3 batches of cake batter and baking 6 layers of cake using 18 eggs and 12 cups of flour.  Here are the dry ingredients I will use throughout this process.

These were some heavy bags to carry considering there are 3 boxes of cake flour, 1 large bag of AP flour, 2 large bags of sugar, 3 large bags of confectioners sugar and three bags of white chocolate.  Not pictured (for obvious reasons) are the 5 pounds of butter, 3 dozen eggs, and 5 pounds of cream cheese.

This beautiful stack of aluminum cake pans
is an idea of what the cake will look like.  Each tier will measure approximately three times the height of the cake pan.  To achieve this I have to bake three cakes for each layer.  The cakes last night were averaging around 40 minutes a pan which gave me ample time to clean up, make a new batch of batter, or pace back and forth waiting for the timer to go off.  I finished baking around 10:00pm but had to wait until around 11:00 to  wrap the last layer in plastic wrap before it took the plunge into the freezer.

Here you can watch me trying to fill the cake pan with my left hand to capture a pretty shot with the camera.  My left hand was not getting anywhere fast so I abandoned the camera.

I was completely shocked when I saw this picture after I was done for the night.  I had no idea the coils for the oven would show up.  I think it adds a certain amount of ambiance.

The final result of the vanilla cake for the second tier!  Friday I will level off the top, cut it in half and fill it with yummy goodness!

Now, to the best part!  Red Velvet!  I definitely thought scooping vanilla batter out of a bowl was difficult for my left hand, but pouring batter into a small pan was tremendously awkward.  I was constantly fearing I would miss the pan and have red velvet counter tops... but my left hand did not fail me and I got a beautiful shot out of it!

Once again, those coils make this picture look so much better!

Look how bright red and beautiful this looks!  I can't wait for Julie and Matt to have this; however, I will have to wait a year before I ever find out if they like it.

I can't wait for another night filled with baking!

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Thank you to Craig for lending me his camera lens and processing my photos for me!

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