Countdown: Baking Day 2!

Friday, June 1, 2012

I had another six hour adventure last night and I'm getting more excited by the hour knowing the wedding is tomorrow!  Everything has been going off without a hitch (knock on wood) and I know Julie and Matt's wedding cake is going to be beautiful!

Last night I made three vanilla cakes to make up the third tier of the cake, 6 batches of cream cheese frosting, and colored the fondant.  I used 13.5 cups of flour, 24 eggs, 19 sticks of butter, 6 pounds of confectioners sugar, and 7 cups of sugar.

Here are two of the cakes I made last night.  The cakes are starting to get very large so I had to use a heating core in order to get the centers cooked through without burning the sides of the cake.  I was able to find a heating core that only leaves a toothpick size hole through the middle of the cake and I'm happy to say
the cakes cooked wonderfully!

The cream cheese frosting looked amazing and I was tempted to dig right in!  Thanks to the 40-45 minute cooking time of each layer of cake I had plenty of time to make as much icing as I needed.  I will be digging in to this icing for the first time tonight but I won't use the majority of it until tomorrow at the venue.

As I was making the cream cheese frosting and packing it away in airtight containers, I was thinking "man, this is going to be very heavy to carry all this icing...", then I remembered the fondant!

I have 20 pounds of fondant!  All of the fondant needed to be colored last night.  I know... you are thinking "Shelly, why didn't you just buy the fondant in the color you wanted?"  Well, the two colors I had to choose between was Ivory and White.  Ivory was too Beige and White was too White, so I decided to go with the White and color it a nice, light Ivory color.

**Please notice how extremely tall I look in this picture.  I am kneading the fondant on a regular height counter top which for me is way too tall, therefore I grabbed the step stool and hovered like a giant over the counter top!  Gravity was my best friend while kneading all that fondant last night!**

In order to color the fondant, I bought Ivory food coloring gel and kneaded it through the dough.  The picture above shows the beginning of the process.

I divided the fondant into quarters and colored each quarter then I combined them into halves.  Twenty pounds is a lot of fondant to knead.  The fondant to the left is the final result compared to the original, white fondant on the right.  It is a subtle change, but the harsh whiteness is eliminated.

Tonight is my last prep night.  I will be baking the last layer and filling and stacking the tiers.  It seems surreal the wedding is tomorrow, but I feel 100% prepared and excited!

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  1. Shelly! I am so impressed. I'm sure your arms are feeling the pain today! I can't wait to see the finished product!