Countdown: Baking Day 3!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Friday night was my last day to prepare for the wedding day and I used 36 eggs, 21 cups of flour, 10.5 cups sugar, 3 pounds confectioners sugar, 2.5 pounds of butter.  I finished making all the cakes, all the icing (another batch of cream cheese frosting and a batch of royal icing) and filled and stacked the cakes.

The grand total of ingredients I used on this wedding cake is as follows:
78 eggs
46.5 cups flour
29.5 cups sugar
9 pounds confectioners sugar
10 pounds butter

I started the evening out mixing the first batch of cake batter for the largest layer of cake.  The pan is 16 inches which requires 1.5 batches of cake batter.  I always make my desserts in small batches, therefore I had to make two batches of cake batter before I could start baking the first layer.

Once two batches were made I greased the pan, placed the heating core in the pan and filled the pan up with batter.  I slowly placed the pan in the oven and came to the realization the pan might not fit in my oven.  The pan was just barely overhanging in the oven!

Thankfully the oven closed with no problems and the cakes cooked evenly in approximately 45 minutes each.

While the cakes were baking I set all the cakes out of the freezer to thaw out a little.  Once they were soft enough to cut, I leveled off the tops.

 The middle two tiers I cut in half again and began alternating the fillings.  The picture above shows the first layer having a raspberry filling.  I stacked a layer over this and added the white chocolate ganache filling and repeated alternating until all the layers were stacked.

 Once all the cakes were stacked and filled I added a thin layer of icing.

 Finally, I wrapped them tightly in plastic wrap and stuck them back in the freezer.

 Here are the top two tiers laying out to thaw.

 Here is the tiny top tier of red velvet cake ready for the plunge into the freezer.

 Look at all those delicious layers!  Yum!

 Here are the top three tiers in the freezer for the night.  The bottom layer was too large to fit in the freezer with them so it slept in the refrigerator all night.

The last thing I worked on Friday night was the royal icing.  This icing is used to apply the pearls onto the cake.  It is a great icing because it hardens very quickly and works like glue.  I colored the icing the same ivory color as the fondant to make it less visible.

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Stay tuned for the next post!  The final cake will be revealed!

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