Julie and Matt's Wedding Cake!

Monday, June 4, 2012

The wait is over!  Julie and Matt were married on Saturday and are off enjoying their honeymoon!  That means the cake has been baked, stacked, decorated, cut, and eaten!  I know all of you that have been following the process are dying to know how the final day went!  Those of you who are behind, check out the Countdown: 14 Days, Countdown: 3 Days, Baking Day 1, Baking Day 2, and Baking Day 3!

Saturday could not have started off any better! 
One of the main things I have been fretting is transporting the cake an hour and a half in Georgia’s hot weather, but Saturday morning started off in the 60’s and was predicted to stay fairly low!  I immediately started loading my car with all the essentials I could possibly need then prepped it for the cakes.  I covered all the seats with towels and leveled them off with rolled up towels.  Then I lined the seats with cookie sheets to give a solid and level surface for the cake layers.

Once the car was packed (minus the cakes) and prepped, I took time to get ready for the wedding.  I knew I would not have much time to do my hair and makeup so I got completely ready, minus my dress, so I could change quickly before the wedding.

Around 11:00 I took the plunge!  I took a deep breath and carefully carried each tier to the car while my lovely assistant (my Mother) say in the car and kept the AC running (don’t worry, I breathed a few times during the process).

With all the cakes in the car, I threw on my jacket, blasted the AC, and drove the hour and a half to Macon.

I immediately covered the top two tiers in fondant while the bottom two layers took a nap in the refrigerator.  After I covered the first two tiers, I met with the caterer and discussed the plan for the day.  The caterer and I discovered some of the flowers set aside for the cake had been victims to moisture and were not usable, so I changed the look of the flowers a little.  Originally, they were meant to cascade down the cake so I altered it to accommodate for the minimal amount of flowers available.

The wedding was fast approaching, so I tackled the largest layer and placed it out the stand in the lobby to begin the stacking process.  Ten minutes later I walked to the lobby to check on the cake and to my surprise, it was melting!  Yes, the fondant was slowly creeping its way down the cake!  I found an employee and asked him why the lobby was hot enough to melt the cake and I slowly saw realization come across his face.  Apparently, when the Sports Hall of Fame closes at 4:00 the AC automatically shuts off to conserve energy. 

Thankfully, the schedule was overridden and the AC was cut back on.  Unfortunately for me (and the cake), the bottom tier was ruined.  I ran it back to the kitchen and covered it with another layer of fondant and stuck it in the refrigerator while I finished covering the last layer.

Once all the layers were covered in fondant, I began the stacking process in the lobby again.  The lobby was already beginning to cool down as well as my stress level.

It was time to tackle the moisture infected flowers…. Thankfully, the roses were beautiful and had plenty of pedals, so the outer layers were easy to remove and left a beautiful and usable flower.

I also had some beautiful white carnations to place with the roses.  They were a great addition.

I tried to balance the flowers throughout the cake.  They really turned out beautiful.  I’m very glad I didn’t let something as small as ruined flowers bring up my stress level. 

I knew they would turn out beautiful!

Finally, it was time to add the pearls.  I used the royal icing I made Friday to pipe a thin line where I wanted the pearls.  Then, I stuck each pearl on individually, being careful not to let them roll away from me on the floor.

I started first by adding a solid pearl border around the entire cake in case time would not allow me to add the extra pearl detail.

With 30 minutes left before people arrived for the reception (yes, that’s right, I missed the ceremony L) I knew I had the time to add the extra pearl decoration.

Five minutes before the first guest arrived I finished the cake!  I was finally able to take a step back and look at the whole cake… it was magnificent

Even after the few hiccups I had with the flowers and the AC, everything came together in the end.

The caterer was an amazing help and supplied this beautiful cake stand!

It was truly a wonderful experience and I loved hearing Julie and Matt say “Oh my goodness, Shelly!  It is perfect!”

Those are the best words I could have heard!

The reception went off without a hitch and people were taking pictures of the cake all night long!

I am so proud of this big accomplishment and can’t thank the people who helped me enough!

Finally, it was time to EAT!!!

I saved the top tier for the newlywed’s one year anniversary…

Then got to cutting!

Here is a slice of the yellow cake with alternating raspberry and white chocolate ganache.  This was such a hit for the people that don’t enjoy peanut butter as much as the groom does!

Here is the yellow cake with peanut butter filling!  This was the groom’s choice and the cake they ended up sharing.

I loved hearing the wonderful compliments from the guests!

“The cake was so beautiful!”
“I didn’t know wedding cake was actually supposed to taste good!  Thank you!”
“Don’t judge me when I take one of each slice, I can’t get enough!”

The bride was so happy with the result!  She was so beautiful and I have never seen her so happy before!  Congratulations Julie and Matt!

If you want to order a cake from Pastry Shells, contact me at PastryShells@gmail.com.

I want to thank the following people:

My Mom for running to the grocery store a couple times, helping me pack the day of, and giving me moral support.

My Dad for the moral support and enthusiasm he gave me (as well as a yummy breakfast the morning of).

My brother, Craig, for lending me his camera lens, processing some of the photos and his encouragement.

My roommate and best friend, Lanta, for giving me space in the kitchen, lending me her boyfriend for heaving lifting, and moral support.

Matt for helping me with the heavy lifting and moral support.

The Sports Hall of Fame for providing me a great workspace in the kitchen, a beautiful venue to work with and helpful staff to turn the AC back on.

The caterer for giving me advice, lending me her sons for the heavy lifting, and lending me her niece to help serve the cake.

 Thank you Julie and Matt for giving me this amazing opportunity!  I could not have done this without your belief and trust in me!  Congratulations!


  1. You did a great job, Shelly! I liked hearing about the process & I'm glad the bumps in the road didn't mess things up!

    1. Thanks Logan! I can't wait for the next wedding cake in August!