50th Wedding Anniversary Cake

Friday, August 24, 2012

This was a fun "cake" to make mainly because it had so many components.  This was for one of my friend's grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary.  My friend sent me a picture of the stand she had laying around the house and I created a cake to fit it!

The cake consisted of three 12 inch cakes and around 40 mini cakes.  All of the cake was Pastry Shells' Grandma's Spice Cake with the most decadent, yummy icing!

The grandparents were so thrilled to have such a lovely cake!  I was thrilled to have someone beside the want-to-be photographer, that's me, take the pictures!

There is a closer picture of the mini cakes.  Each cake is covered in ivory fondant and decorated with gold polka dots.  The cakes were also covered in ivory fondant but they were decorated in gold swirls instead of polka dots.

To the happy couple!  May you enjoy many more years together!

To order a specialized cake from Pastry Shells contact me at PastryShells@gmail.com.

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