Lingerie Shower Cookies

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

One of my best friends was getting married so I decided to co-host a lingerie shower for her.  What shower would be complete without a dessert!  I debated on what dessert I should make her and decided on sugar cookies as they are easy to transport (I was driving from Atlanta to Macon).

I couldn't just have any plain 'ole sugar cookie at this party... no!  This girl deserved something yummy, unique, witty, and pretty!  So, I thought I would make lingerie sugar cookies... with the bottom coated in milk chocolate!  If you look closely at the pictures you can get glimpses of the chocolate that crept up the sides of the cookies.

I loved the reactions to these cookies... the girls laughed at the underwear and bras and marveled at the corsets.  They were such a hit that a friend asked me to make a slightly different version for a co-ed shower.

Of course, just like all Pastry Shells sweets, these can be customized in different colors, cookie flavors, or designs!  I just love all the different things that can be done with sugar cookies!

The only regret... I wish I had more pictures of these masterpieces!

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