Sweet 16!

Friday, September 14, 2012

I made this cake a couple years ago when one of my favorite people turned 16!  Laura is the sweetest girl that I babysat from when she was little up until she could basically drive.  We have declared ourselves sisters and I was so excited to make her a special cake for her 16th birthday!  Her favorite color is purple so I started with that.  From there I added little decorations until it looked just perfect!

I love how it is a small enough portion for her to eat herself (over a couple days) or for her to share with a few people!

These mini cakes are perfect to give that special someone!  They would be a great addition to a batch of cupcakes... a cake for the "party girl" and cupcakes for the guest!

To order a Pastry Shells cake contact me at PastryShells@gmail.com.

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