Under the Sea First Birthday

Thursday, November 15, 2012

An adorable girl turned one and her parents were throwing her an "Under the Sea" themed birthday party!  With every one-year-old birthday there MUST be a smash cake but a big cake for everyone just didn't seem realistic for a bunch of small children...

Solution: Have a cupcake tower with a smash cake on top!

This cupcake tower was filled with so many adorable little sea creatures and sea decorations!  Above is an adorable seahorse...

Here is a cute purple octopus!  The color scheme for this party was red and blue, therefore the liners are a dark blue and the chocolate cupcakes had red cream cheese frosting.

And look, it's the purple octopus' brother, the orange octopus!   The cupcakes alternated between chocolate and vanilla cake both with cream cheese frosting, YUM!

All these little creatures and decorations were made by hand out of gumpaste and fondant.  This one is my favorite:  the crab!  Those pinchers are just so little and adorable!

This turtle must have been moving when I said "say cheese", definitely couldn't have been the photographer's fault... NEVER!

Oh, the smash cake!  Covered with just the right amount of seaweed, coral, and creatures!  Plus, what an adorable name, "Kinsley"!

Look at the school of fish on the left side, plus more seahorses!  Do you see the little sea shells at the bottom, couldn't be cuter!
I put the two little snails together because I couldn't dare leave them to fend for themselves with a large octopus and a delightful sea turtle swimming around!

The frosting for the smash cake worked perfectly with the color scheme and was a bright "pop" to the cupcake tower.

A red and white polka dot ribbon was wrapped around each level to add that extra red with so much blue.

Introducing Kinsley!  Look closely... that girl has cowboy boots on!

Smart move to minimize the mess... we don't want to ruin that tutu!

Without fail, most kids tend to like cupcakes better... all parties end up with the smash cake moving to the side and the birthday girl/boy digging into the frosting of a cupcake... who knows!

I'm sure she is asking if she can have another!

All in all, this cupcake tower was such a hit!  The kids were picking out which sea creature they wanted on their cupcake!  I would have chosen the crab, what would you have picked?

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