Two Birthdays, Two Cakes (well, cupcakes)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I have been dying to share the photos for these cakes with you!  So, I decided to make an event of it!  This is post 1 or 3 devoted to these two awesome cakes... get ready... set... go (and yes, the race track theme applies... just wait)!

There is this adorable little girl that recently turned 3 and wanted an "Elmo at the Beach" themed cake.  There is also this cute boy who recently turned 5 and begged for a "Cars, the movie" themed cake.  Doesn't seem difficult, right?  WRONG!  These amazing kids are part of the same family and have very similar birthdays so a joint birthday was in store.  Since both kids wanted a theme completely different and both kids absolutely love pull-apart cakes (multiple cupcakes are pushed together and iced at one time so the top looks like a cake, but the cupcakes just pull apart!  No knife required!) so two cakes were in order.

So, I set my imagination to work and this is what I came up with:

Please note, I am a baker and cake decorator and my medium is cake/icing, therefore drawing on paper is not my forte.  Use your imagination, or just wait for the next two posts to see how they turned out.

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