Sweetheart Cookies

Monday, January 14, 2013


I hope I didn't make you look at the calendar and double check the date.  Don't worry!  You have one whole month to find that perfect gift for that someone special.  If your Valentine has a sweet tooth then you can stop looking now!

Remember those Sweetheart candies with the cute sayings on them? 
 I was always so excited to get those in my decorated shoe box in elementary school, but I never ate them.  I always disliked the chalky texture and the fact they didn't have much flavor, but the sayings... oh, the sayings!  My favorite was the "MARRY ME?" that I would giggle about and give to boys in my class (okay, I would just dream of giving them to boys in my class)!

Well, now I can enjoy Sweethearts!
These, believe it or not, are SUGAR COOKIES!  The cookie is a vanilla bean and lemon sugar cookie with royal icing then a cute saying is written on them with edible ink!

If your Valentine loves cookies then this is the perfect gift!  Plus, these can be shipped!  Yes, I said it!  You can order these in advance and they will arrive at your door ready to eat.

To order from Pastry Shells contact me at shelly@pastryshells.net.

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