Mini Heart Cake + Photography Sidenote

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Day is THIS WEEK but don't worry, it isn't too late to get your special someone a delicious and thoughtful present. 
This mini heart shaped cake is PERFECT.  It is approximately 4 inches at its widest and can be made with any flavor of cake.  This cake can also be decorated to fit your personality and taste.

This particular cake is simple and modern.  It is covered with smooth white fondant then strategically decorated with bright fondant ribbon roses.

These roses are super fun and elegant and can even be eaten by a fondant lover!

I love how sleek and elegant the ribbon roses.

The cake was a vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting and blackberry filling.  It's the perfect size for two to share!

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Photography Side note:
I'm currently taking a basic DSLR photography class in hopes to improve my blog pictures!  These aren't perfect but I'm going to keep trying!  My main troubles are with editing the pictures.  What kind of editing software do you use for your pictures?  Is Photoshop really a good investment?  Also, any advice for editing pictures for food blogs are welcome.  I use iPhoto and have a Nikon D3100 35mm with macro lens attachments (so much cheaper than the actual lens).  Can't wait to hear your feedback!  Thanks!

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