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Friday, February 8, 2013

I got new stickers! 
 This blog is not only about the items Pastry Shells can make, but it also follows my journey to owning a storefront.  I will be blogging about milestones bringing me closer to my dream!

Before I tell about my amazing experience with stickermule, I would like to give a little background as to why I needed to purchase these adorable stickers.

A while ago I conducted a bunch of research in order to find the perfect boxes, create the best logo, and order wonderful business cards.  While I was ordering business cards I saw some round stickers on Vistaprint (envelope seals) and thought they would be the perfect sticker to put on my boxes.  I also wanted to advertise so I always stuck two business cards on the boxes (one forward and one backwards).  This is what the boxes used to look like:

I knew the envelope seals would be a tad too small for my boxes so I used them as a seal as opposed to a logo.  Plus, I thought the business cards were perfect because then people could pull them off and keep them.  Once I received them I vowed I would use them all before I put the effort into researching for another sticker company.

Fast forward... months later...

I ran out of envelope seals!  Once I was down to a couple I kept reminding myself to start my research.  I search MANY sites for a good company with an excellent price.  I came up with stickermule!  Not only is the price great, but they offer so many options and all the stickers are great quality.

The next problem was I didn't have a sticker template.  All I had was the front and back of my business card.  This was easily solved by stickermule.  They have designers that will make your sticker perfect with whatever resources you can give them.  Literally I zipped up my business card files and described exactly what I wanted.  Within 24 hours they had a draft!

At this point I got a little nervous.  The website said I could make as many changes as I wanted until my stickers were perfect, but I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.  I took the plunge and requested changes... just like that a new draft was drawn up within 24 hours!  I am very picky about my branding so I made a few minor changes (again, received a new draft within 24 hours) then approved my stickers!

The stickers arrived within a week and were perfect!  The texture and quality is incredible and all the colors came out exactly.  I am very happy with my purchase and can't wait to buy different sizes.

This is the final mockup for the 4 inch (diameter) circle stickers:

Drum roll please... Here are Pastry Shells' boxes and the new stickers:

I am very happy with the outcome of this process and I know you will have a similar experience with Stickermule too!

Note:  Not an advertisement or endorsement. All opinions are mine.
PS - The links provided for stickermule and Vistaprint will give store credit to new customers.  You're welcome!

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