Now Accepting Credit Cards!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

That's right! You can now order your favorite dessert from Pastry Shells and pay with plastic!  Plus, Pastry Shells accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards for just $2 per transaction!

I have been receiving many requests to offer payment with a credit card but I honestly thought it was not feasible without either owning a super fancy (and expensive) cash register or one of the card reader things in the grocery store.  I had no idea the process could be as easy as it was let alone how this could impact my "company" growing into an actual store!

How this came about?  Well, my close friend is starting her own business and we are constantly sharing our experiences and advice to help both of us achieve our goals and dreams.  I happened to have made her some cupcakes for her office and she said "Shelly, you should really think about accepting credit cards so people can order items for their work and then expense it through their credit card statement."  My response was "I have no idea how I would even BEGIN to do that!"  Then... "It's easy, just download the 'PayPal Here' app and they will send you a card reader for free."  MIND BLOWN.

So, you are thinking "no way it's that easy."  To which I respond, "YES, it is THAT easy!"  All I did was download the "PayPal Here" app to my iPhone (you could use your iPad as well) and synced it to my PayPal account and PRESTO!  A couple days later I received my cute card reader that hooks up to my headphone jack and I was swiping away.  Of course, when I say "swiping away" I really mean they have a section where you can practice your swiping skills to perfection!

I am so excited at all the opportunities this could bring me and I thought I would share it with my blogging friends.

Also, just wanted to give thanks and shout out to my amazing friend, Patricia.  She is starting her own company with an idea that is just too awesome for words right now.  No, seriously, she is working diligently on getting her website up and running so I don't want to ruin the surprise!

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