Emily's Wedding Cake (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG!)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Today is such a milestone for me; it is Pastry Shells' blog's 1st birthday!  It's hard to believe how many posts I have done within such a short amount of time.  Not only that, but Pastry Shells has had so many milestones this past year (like the first wedding cake, new stickers, and accepting credit cards)!

So, for the birthday celebration I thought I would share with you this wonderful wedding cake I made!  I have been savings this post for a special occasion and you finally get to see it!

Let's start with some background... back before I was born my Mom had a best friend at work named Neny and they decided they would celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas together... they never stopped!  This leads me to the present.  I have grown up with an amazing second family (one that includes four sisters!) and will always have unconditional love for every one of them.

After years of dating her boyfriend, Emily (the youngest sister) was getting married!  I was so excited!  Especially when she stated that she wanted me as a bridesmaid!  Then, without even taking a breath she exclaimed that she would only accept a Pastry Shells' wedding cake!  I was STUNNED but totally up for the challenge of fulfilling all my bridesmaid duties as well as making her perfect cake!

The day of the wedding went so smoothly and I couldn't have been happier!  I woke up around 5:00 and fixed my hair and makeup for the wedding then zipped on over to the reception venue (an amazing house in Chateau Élan).  I started the decorating one tier at a time...

I used a mat to put the initial design onto the fondant then went over the design with a fondant tool.

Then, I used royal icing to stick the edible pearls onto the cake.

Finally, with a little more royal icing, I put the ribbon (provided by the bride) around the bottom of the cake.  That's it!  Wedding cake done!  Just kidding!

I inserted dowels through the middle of the cake to support the heavy cakes coming next...

Boom!  Second tier going on top!  Look at the concentration on my face... wait, don't!  I look so worried!

Then, the smallest tier!

Materials Used:

Emily provided beautiful fresh white roses.  I wrapped each stem (well, my amazing assistant, Tony, did) with floral tape to avoid any pesticides leaking into the yummy cake then pushed them where I wanted them.

PERFECT!  Now, for the rest of the flowers...

At first I thought I was done with flowers until I realized the cake looks incredibly lop-sided, so...

YES!  Off to the wedding I went!

Here are some close ups of the cake for you to enjoy while I tell you about the ceremony:

I have been in my fair share of weddings (seriously, I have the dresses to prove it) and they have all been beautiful, emotional, and amazing!  So, I expected this to be comparable... I was wrong.  Dead wrong.

Emily has been my partner in crime, my secret buddy, my best friend, and mostly my sister for MY ENTIRE LIFE (okay, I'm a tiny bit older but I don't remember those days).  The months leading up to her wedding I remember thinking how happy I was for her and how excited I was to make the cake.  I remember spending countless hours planning and prepping for my sister's wedding, but I never took the time to REALLY think about it.

Once I was done making the wedding cake I had nothing to think about but her wedding.  I stood and sat (it was a full catholic mass so we were allowed to sit and relieve our feet) for a little over an hour just reminiscing... then it hit me... like a brick wall!  My sister was getting married!  Yea, I know it sounds crazy that it took that long for me to think about it, but I was intentionally distracting myself with her wedding cake all day!

So, I stood/sat there and just cried and cried with the biggest smile on my face!  All those memories of us dressing up in princess costumes, celebrating birthdays together and comparing Christmas gifts started flooding in.  I looked at all my sisters lined up beside me (and Camila who is their cousin, she joined our yearly celebrations in elementary school so she is just as much a sister as any of them) and suddenly realized TRULY how lucky I am.

My parents have surrounded me with some amazing people and couldn't be more grateful.  The bond that I share with these girls (and their parents) is amazing!  I am so lucky!  I sat there wanting to shout out how I felt, wanting to tell every one of those women how much they mean to me, wanting to hug them and cry with them, but I was in a wedding and just sat there.  Needless to say, I left that ceremony completely changed!

Whether or not my sisters have realized the change I went through I'm not quite sure, but I know they all feel the same way about me.  I don't know why it took me so long to realize these feelings, but I am so happy I did!

Emily and Patrick, I wish you all the love in happiness this world has to offer you!

(Mmmmm, Red Velvet!)

I would like to thank so many people for helping me:

Emily and Patrick - this amazing opportunity, I am so blessed and honored
Tony - driving EXTREMELY slow with the cake on board, the tedious tasks, and love and support
Patricia, Clarissa, Maria, and Camila (my sisters) - love and support
My Mom and Dad and brother- endless support and love
Neny and Bernie (my other parents) - love and support

If I left you out, I'm sorry!  It was such a hectic day, but KNOW that I appreciate it all!

To order from Pastry Shells, contact me at shelly@PastryShells.net.