Onesies and Baby Shoes Sugar Cookies

Monday, March 4, 2013

One of my best friends, Logan, was having a baby which was extremely exciting for my college friends because she was the first in our group to get pregnant!  We were all so used to celebrating engagements, birthdays, and weddings that we had to completely switch gears.

We all gathered in Macon, Georgia and reserved a table for Logan's favorite brunch spot.  We decked the table with a bunch of little baby things (like an onesie bouquet, candy, etc.) which of course included these adorable sugar cookies!

We played a few games and ate some delicious food then surprised her with a car seat!

Logan's daughter is now crawling all over the place and is the most precious little girl I have seen!

These cookies would be perfect for your next baby shower!  They are adorable and have a wonderful hint of lemon with a chewy texture.  They are sure to impress!

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  1. These are so adorable; I loved them! You girls made me feel so special! I love you, Shelly!

    1. Thanks Logan! I love you too and miss you!