Mother's Day Round Up

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Mom has recently reminded me that she knows me better than anyone else.  The problem here is that I still have NO IDEA what to get her for Mother's Day!  What do you get the person who has been there for you from day 1?  Do you get her some cute decorated sugar cookies?

Do you get her matching petit fours to go with those adorable cookies?

Or should you go the rustic route and get her some yummy maple-glazed oatmeal applesauce cookies?

Or the fancy route and have a beautiful cake made in honor of her?

 Or if cupcakes are your thing...

Let's go back to cookies... would fancy cookies be better suited for her?

Or a tiny personal cake decorated with roses in her favorite colors?

Or cupcakes the spell out a special note for her?

Or flowers galore on a mini cake?

This will be a tough one for me.  I know my Mom will be happy with just a day spent with me (don't worry, she'll get that too) and a card, but she deserves so much more!  I can't reveal what I am going to make my Mom mainly because she reads this blog, but I will be sure to share!  I love you Mom!

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