Mustache Themed Cupcakes How-To

Monday, April 8, 2013

Look at these adorable cupcakes!  Wouldn't you love to know how to make these?  Well, now you can!  Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to assemble these adorable cupcakes!  You can also save your time and order them from my Etsy shop (link).

Vegetable shortening
Fondant (some in a color(s) of your choice and more in black)
Round cookie cutter (you can use a can/jar too)
Small paintbrush used exclusively for food
Cupcakes in the flavor of your choosing
Icing in the flavor of your choosing

I chose to have two background colors for my toppers, blue and green.  Here is all my fondant on my fondant mat.  Make sure you grease down whatever surface you use to roll your fondant on with vegetable shortening.

Grab your first color and wrap any other fondant in plastic wrap.  Roll the fondant 1/8 inch thick.  Grab your round cookie cutter* (or jar/can*) and cut the amount of circles you need.  I was making twelve total cupcakes so I only need six of each color.

*When picking out the right circle for the background pull out your cupcake pan and find a circle that is slightly smaller than the openings on the cupcake pan.

See?  Six perfectly round backs!

Just peel away the extra fondant and store it for another use.  Make sure to wrap it tightly in plastic wrap!

Grab your second color (if you chose to have two) and repeat!

Oops, I had to roll more out to make six!

Carefully place the backs off to the side and let stiffen slightly while you continue with the mustaches.

Now, this is really hard to see but the next pictures will show it more clearly.  Roll out the black fondant to 1/8 inch.  Grab your knife and cut the shape of the mustache out.  Feel free to print out a template and trace around it if you are not too confident with your cutting skills.

After I made one, I lifted it off the mat and moved it around the black fondant tracing the original shape with my knife.  This makes all the toppers uniform in shape and size.

I peeled some fondant away so you could clearly see my progress...

Finished cutting them out!

To add a little detail, score the mustaches with your knife to create hair lines!

Don't judge this photo until you read what is in it... Pour a tablespoon of water into a small dish and mix in a pea size amount of the black fondant.  Stir and mash the fondant and water mixture until the fondant dissolves.  This is your glue!

Brush the glue over the tops of the mustaches.  This adds a nice shine to them.

See?  The ones on the right are shiny and the ones on the left are matte.

Brush some of the "glue" onto the colored circles you made earlier...

... and plop a mustache right on top!

Toppers done!  Now to assemble the cupcakes!

Starting with your blank cupcakes...

Ice all of the cupcakes (see my icing bag in the back?).  Don't worry too much on how perfect your swirl is because it will get smashed and covered up!

Grab a topper and...

...push it on top of the icing.

There you have it!

These cupcakes were made for a baby sprinkle.  I had never heard of a sprinkle before this.  Apparently, it is for a mother who already has children!  I'll stick with calling them all baby showers!

There was a mixture of mustache toppers and plain swirls to make a cute display.

Here is the final display at the baby sprinkle!

The plain cupcakes were jazzed up with cute flags and all the cupcakes had adorable liners!

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