All Around The South

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cupcakes are definitely a go-to dessert when hosting a party so when my friend wanted a dessert for her brother's wedding shower we knew exactly what kind.  The hard part was figuring out a theme for the cupcakes that wasn't too girly and would be conducive for a co-ed party.  So, we settled on these:

Sure, these toppers might seem random to you but they each have significance to the couple.

The peach topper represents Georgia and is where the groom is from...

The cowboy hat represents Texas and is where the happy couple met...

The guitar represents Nashville, Tennessee where they have settled down...

And the cactus is for New Mexico where the bride is from!

All of these toppers are made out of fondant.  For the peach I dusted some rose colored luster dust (that's an edible dust) to create the effect on the top.  The cowboy hat rim was made out of small round sprinkles (yes, I put each one on by hand).  The guitar strings and the cactus needles were made using an edible black marker (it is filled with black food coloring).

The flavors were two of the most popular flavors at Pastry Shells, red velvet and caramel!

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  1. They're all so adorable! I can't imagine the patience it requires to make those fondant toppers.

  2. These are so cute!! I love those peach ones.