Cupcake Cookies

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I have a confession... I do not like cake.  There are very few cakes that I will actually eat like pound cake with a lot of fresh fruit, angel food cake with lots of fresh fruit... hmmm, I think there is a pattern.  So, yes, I make tons of cake and cupcakes but I'm not a big fan, however give me a bowl of batter and I'm set!

So, for those of you that do not like cake/cupcakes but want to experience the huge cupcake craze I have a solution!  Sugar cookies shaped like cupcakes!  Now, these aren't just any sugar cookies.  Say goodbye to hard, tasteless cookies and say hello to chewy, lemony, vanilla bean sugar cookies!  I totally despise cookies that look beautiful and cute but taste like card paper.  I worked long and hard to create a recipe that held its shape and tasted wonderful!  I hope you order some of my sugar cookies so you can taste the difference!

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