Gardenia Cake + Mother's Day

Monday, June 3, 2013

It seems like Mother's Day was yesterday when in fact it was weeks ago and now Father's Day is fast approaching.  I have been busy every weekend baking up storms and the weeks have flown by.  Remember in this post when I was trying to decide what to make my Mom for Mother's Day...

Well, it wasn't this cake but more on that later.  However, I did make this cake for someone's Mom and oh boy was it fun!  I was asked by a girl who lives across the country to deliver a special cake for her Mom.  She wanted to make sure her Mom's favorite flower, gardenia, was on it as well.  So, I set off on making a gardenia.

I rolled out a bunch of gumpaste (this is similar to fondant but it dries a lot faster and can be rolled very thin without tearing) and cut out my pedals and leaves.  Then, very carefully, I attached each pedal and leaf to wires and arranged them into the flower.  Flowers like this take days to make because each pedal and leaf must dry completely in order to hold its shape.

The best part about this cake was the inside.  The Mom loves éclairs and coffee so I made a vanilla cake with milk chocolate coffee ganache filling and buttercream frosting.  I wish I could show you the inside, but then I would have needed another cake to deliver!

Now, on to what I did for my Mom...  I made a delicious meal for her which included:

Roasted brussel sprouts,

mushroom risotto (this picture does not do it justice),

a wilted leaf salad with bacon vinaigrette (the lettuce was from the greenhouse at my work), grilled chicken, and OF COURSE Red Velvet Cupcakes!

She absolutely loved her Mother's Day... Now, what to do for Father's Day...

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