The Night Circus

Monday, June 17, 2013

The weather is officially hot and humid here in Atlanta which I've learned means my baking orders increase!  Oh Happy Day!  However, baking some nights after work and three out of the four weeks every month usually means other hobbies must be sacrificed; case in point, Book Club.  Some time ago I joined with some amazing girls and I was pretty religious about reading all the books that seemed up my alley (I just can't seem to get into romantic novels so I usually skip a month here and there) and participating in the monthly meetings.  However, now that my free time is filling up fast I don't seem to have the time to catch up.  I'm currently reading the January book...

So, to make up for it I went all out on the food I brought to the last one!  That way, if I got called out I would just hand them a cupcake for distraction.  It worked!  Well, not really.

In case you weren't sure, we read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern which is apparently about a night circus... I Google imaged the book and found out there are creepy trees, creepy birds, masks, clocks, and stars associated with the book.  I wish I could explain... but my Book Club highly recommends the book and apparently a movie is in the works!  I'm not going to lie, the host of the month helped me out with the colors (black and white with hints of red) and theme.

These started out as just normal mini red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting then the planning ensued.  I first drew my plan on paper by drawing circles in a 5x7 rectangular pattern.  Then I sketched exactly what I wanted.  Once the drawing was complete I started by using a round cookie cutter and cutting the black and white fondant rounds to top the cupcakes and set them aside.  After, I used letter cookie cutters to create the letters and used a little water to secure them on the white rounds.  Easy as pie cupcakes!

Now the tricky part, I rolled out white fondant and used a paring knife to cut out the entire tree.  Then, I used the same round cookie cutters for the fondant toppers to cut chunks of the tree off right where I wanted a cupcake placed.  Then, using water, I placed the sections on the associated fondant rounds!  Voila!  The tiny details around the cake (i.e. birds, stars, clock and masks) were all hand cut with a paring knife as well.  Once all the fondant rounds were complete I let them dry until they were firm enough to pick up and place on the cupcakes.

These cupcakes matched perfectly with the host's decorations!  Since everyone liked them so much nobody seemed to give me evil glances for not even cracking open the book.  Score!  Goal accomplished!  It must be true... the way to someone's heart is through food, or in my case, CUPCAKES!

To order these adorable cupcakes customized to your event, contact me at

PS - I apologize to anyone who is slightly OCD and noticed that one cupcake is missing.  There was a weak moment when I was icing the won't happen again.


  1. Love the display! Too bad you don't send samples with the pictures. I would bet they taste even better than they look.

    1. Thanks! I bet even scratch and sniff would be better than just pictures :) !