Jungle Baby Shower Cupcakes

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I tend to think little animals are super cute (i.e. a bird, my 6 pound dog, etc.) and squeal with excitement every time I see a little animal.  Seriously.  I saw a mouse the other day scurrying across the sidewalk on Peachtree Road and thought it was adorable.  I know, I'm weird.  Moving on...

There was a jungle themed baby shower at my office so I decided to make ity bity, teenie weenie, little animals.  Seriously, LITTLE.  Those cupcakes are MINI cupcakes.

These little guys are probably about an inch and a half big small.

I wanted them to look exactly like all the normal fondant animals that are bigger but keeping all the details and everything.

I used very small tools (knives, toothpicks, tiny paint brushes, etc.) to create all the little details.

I just had to put this picture up.  I have NO idea how I managed to have dark halos around my little guys, but it is a cool affect.  Oh, and look how small they are compared to a flower stem!

Of course, the cupcakes were delicious vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  There wasn't a single one left.  SUCCESS!

To order cupcakes/figurines from Pastry Shells, contact me at shelly@pastryshells.net.

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