College Gameday Cookies

Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm a pretty big college football fan and I am super excited for the season to finally start up again.  This year my college will finally have a football team!  Go Bears!  However, ever since I was a little sprout I have been a Georgia Tech fan.  I attend as many games as possible with my Dad and enjoy every bit of it!  Now, of course I need a SEC team as well, so I decided to go with one that notoriously hates UGA... Go Gators!  So, my college football Saturdays consist of going to all home GT games and watching as many UF games as possible.  If I have time I will flip the channel and cheer for whoever is playing UGA.

I'm pretty sure I lost all of my Georgia fans... Sorry!  If it makes you feel better I would totally make cookies like these for Georgia, I'm not biased when it comes to baking:

These cute cookies were made for a wedding.  Each guest received one GT and one UNC cookie in their gift basket when they checked into the hotel.

These fit so well considering the groom went to Georgia Tech and the bride went to UNC.

I think if I eat this right before each game we will win... what do you think?

Or, if I eat the opposing team before the game...?

Either way, these cookies are not only perfect for wedding favors but also for your next tailgate!

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