Hello Kitty Cupcakes

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I remember when I was little I would run around the playground with my Pochacco "best friend book".  This book contained a couple pages of information my friends would fill out about themselves... secrets, favorite color, favorite movie, etc.  I knew if I allowed this book to leave my possession that all my secrets and my friends' secrets would get into the wrong hands.  I cherished this book.  Oh, and if you don't know, Pochacco is Hello Kitty's best dog friend!

I was surprised to find out that Hello Kitty is still a craze and was very excited to make these adorable cupcakes therefore I made a tutorial for you!

Start by cutting the Hello Kitty head shape out of parchment paper.

Roll out white fondant and cut around the template with a knife.

Repeat until you have made the amount you need.

Roll out black fondant into a super skinny log and cut little whiskers.

Hello Kitty has six whiskers.  This is a fact.  Attach them with water.

Using the most amazing invention ever, edible markers, create the yellow nose...

...and the black eyes.

Now, the tricky part.  Roll out two tiny balls of red fondant for each Hello Kitty and one tiny red strip for each Hello Kitty.

Using this tool...

...poke an indentation into each ball.

Like this.

When you take the tool off the ball make sure to slide it to the side to flatten one side.

See?  They are the loops of the bow.

Grab one of those strips...

...and wrap it around to attach the two indented balls.  Seal with water.

Tricky part done!

Use water to complete Hello Kitty's look!

Can you just imagine the little girl's face when she saw these cupcakes?  She was in love and hiding behind her Mother's leg!

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