Simple and Cute Birthday Cupcakes

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

See those cute mini flowers on those cute mini cupcakes?  Well, I am going to show you how to make them!  Some of you might just want to scroll to the bottom and see the zoomed out picture of these cute cupcakes, but I figured others would love to learn how simple and easy these are.  Either way, I made these cupcakes for my little cousin's birthday party (technically she is my second cousin and she was turning 4).  At the Mom's request (my cousin) I made these Red Velvet cupcakes with half whole wheat flour and I guarantee you couldn't tell the difference!

Okay, on with the step-by-step instructions!

First, roll out some white fondant or gumpaste (whichever you have on hand).  Make sure to roll it VERY thin!

Use the small flower cutter and cut out as many flowers as you can.

Just keep punching!

Next, grab the ball tool and your skinny foam mat and roll the flower.

I usually focus the rolling in the center of the flower so it creates a little divot and the flower pedals curl upward.

Repeat on all the flowers.

Line them up on a drying rack, preferably one that is curved to maintain the shape.

Now, the fun part!  Pick your flower colors from edible dust (called Petal Dust).

Use a brush...

and brush the color on the flower.

Once again, I focus the color mainly in the center then work my way out.

Another color...


Don't forget to use whatever white icing you would like to add the small dots in the middle of the flowers.  These cupcakes were arranged in the shape of a "4" and were such a hit, whole wheat and all!

Now, you can try making these at home!  Let me know how they turn out for you!

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