Retirement Cupcakes

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

At my office we always have a little celebration when someone retires.  Everyone pitches in and brings food for the gathering and preps their speeches.  The hour is devoted completed to the employee and we all have a chance to celebrate all the amazing things he/she has done for us.  It really is a special time and is a lot of fun!

This time, Herbie was retiring and it was decided we would have a dessert themed party.  Thankfully, we did have a few savory items but there sure were a lot of sweets on the table:

At the very end of the table were my adorable cupcakes!  Don't worry, I had extra under the table that I couldn't fit on the platter.

I know the photo isn't amazing but that is the best my wonderful iPhone can do.  Somehow I broke the shutter...  Anyway, these were Red Velvet mini cupcakes with navy letters.  They were such a hit!

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