Candy Land Birthday Cake

Monday, January 6, 2014

Not surprisingly, Candy Land was one of my favorite board games growing up.  I loved baking as a kid and of course loved any candy you would put near me, however I never actually owned the game.  Whenever I would go to a friend's house and they had the game I would plead with them to play with me... sometimes it would work.  I think I need to take a trip to the board game aisle!

This adorable little girl was turning three and she had a Candy Land themed birthday party (why didn't I think of that when I was little?)!  It was amazing!  Well, until we realized the side affects of having young children eat candy and pizza for a few hours...

I spelled her name out with fondant to look like the letters on the actually game look.

I used real lollipops but everything else is made with fondant including the little suckers randomly placed around the cake.

Can you imagine the look on her face we she saw this cake?  I'm pretty sure you can!

She didn't want to mess the cake up so she blew the candles out from quite a distance.

Let's talk about the toppers, yes, plural.  The three was there to match the letter below but the cupcake was specially made for this cake.  Typically my cupcake liners are pink or brown but a green liner was requested.  Also, we realized three tiers of cake would be PLENTY for a children's party so we opted against using an actual cupcake... So, this cupcake is made purely out of fondant!  I think it is just super adorable!

See?  She loved it and I love her!

Check out her first cake, first smash cake and second cake:
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Thanks to one of my best friends for always allowing me to make her daughter's birthday cakes!

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  1. wow, I never saw that one - true talent. Dad