Lace Sugar Cookies

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Valentine's Day is less than a month away and I have some scrumptious and beautiful cookies and treats to share with you this month!  Cookies are always a great treat and Pastry Shells' sugar cookies not only look incredible but taste amazing too!
The sugar cookies have a slight lemon flavor that pairs perfectly with the tiny specs of vanilla bean throughout the cookie.  They are firm enough to hold their shape but still have a soft chew to them which is hard to find in decorated cookies.

Each cookie is handmade and individually decorated.  They can have a simple decoration, like the two hearts on the side, or they can be covered with an intricate design, like the lace cookie in the middle.

I loved making the intricate lace design!  It is so pretty that it was almost hard to eat... then the person next to me snatched it away and gobbled it down once the pictures were taken.  I guess a good tasting cookie is all that matters!

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These would be great for your Valentine but, of course, you can customize sugar cookies to fit any occasion!  To order from Pastry Shells, contact me at

*REMINDER:  Sugar cookies can be shipped anywhere in the US so don't feel left out just because you don't live in Georgia!*


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