Lady Bug Cake

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hey again and I hope you had a great Memorial Day!  I posted this lady bug cake a couple weeks ago and received a lot of question on the logistics, so I created a how-to just for you!  Now, this is a little more challenging but if you hang in there I know you can complete it!

First, create the crown by cutting zig-zags in a strip of fondant and wrapping it around a tube of parchment paper.  Next, create the antenna by rolling out fondant worms and sticking a toothpick through one end.  Just shape the antenna the way you want them and let them dry (preferably overnight).

Easy so far, right?  Now, the only tricky part of this cake is the body of the lady bug.  Somehow we have to create a dome shape out of a cylinder shaped cake.  Start with two different sized cakes with the smaller of the two on top.  Cut out some cardboard (I used a cake round) the size and shape you want the dome to be.  Make sure the height and length of the round is not taller or longer than the stacked cake.

Place the cardboard template up against the cakes and trace you knife along the edge of the template, cutting away any cake that gets in the way.  Rotate the cake a quarter turn and repeat.  Keep rotating and cutting until you have gone all the way around the cake.  At this point you will have something very close to a dome.  Use the knife to remove any harsh edges then ice the entire dome, filling areas in with icing and cutting away cake where needed.  Hard part over (rejoice!)!

You probably will have a pretty large pile of scraps you cut away, but don't throw them away!  Put them in a bowl to crumble and mash until...

the cake looks like this!  It is a sticky mess since the frosting is in the mixture from between the layers of cake.

Take a chunk of the mixture and roll it into a ball the size of the lady bug head (then take any leftovers and make cake pops with them, why waste?).

Cover the dome and head with fondant in the colors of your choice.  Then add details like eyes, eyelashes, smile, etc.

Right before you are ready to serve, stick the antennae in the cake and plop the crown right on top.

By far the hardest part about making this cake is watching it get cut up... maybe just turn around for that part.  The dome cake is definitely tricky and may take a couple tries to get it right, but if you follow those steps it will be a whole lot easier than just eyeballing it.

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  1. Really liked how you showed exactly how to do it (although I do not have that talent). really cool cake.Dad