Rose Cupcakes

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hey gang!  Ever wonder "How do chefs have the time to make all those ever-so-slightly-different shades of icing?" Well, (shockingly!) they don't!  Let's pull back the curtain on this little mystery and save everyone some much needed time in the kitchen.

First, pick out a dark purple that you want your darkest color to be.  Add the tiniest bit of color to the whole container of frosting and mix until combined - this will create the first color.  Go ahead and load up the pastry bag and pipe the roses for the cupcakes where you want the lightest shade.  Next, go back to the same pot of icing and add a tiny bit more color creating the middle shade.  Load up the bag once again and repeat the process until you've created all the shades you're looking for.

See?  Super easy!  Should save you a bit of money, but most importantly time!

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