Turquoise Cake with Bow and Pearl Tutorial

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Grown ups deserve just as beautiful birthday cakes as kids do a bright and fun cake.  This is the perfect "grown up" cake with a sophisticated bow and intricate details... oh and don't forget delicious cake too!  Wonder how I made some of these adorable details?  Well, lucky for you I took pictures along the way!  Check out the bow tutorial and the perfect pearls tutorial below.

Bow Tutorial:
Start off with two long one inch strips of fondant or gumpaste a little over double the length of the desired loops (I measured 8.5 inches).  I used the small rolling pin with the thinnest spacers and the rolling cutter pictured on the right to create these pieces.

Balance the large rolling pin on top of two upside-down large bowls and carefully lay the long strips over top.  Bring both ends of the strip together and pinch to combine and create the little pleat.  Let these dry overnight.

After that good night's rest, carefully slide the two loops off the rolling pin and adhere them together with a small ball of fondant.

Bring out the one inch spaced rolling cutter and cut a three inch strip.  pinch the ends of the strip to create pleats and lay it across the middle of the bow.  Almost there...

Tuck the ends under and adhere with a small amount of water.  Cut off any excess fondant and voila!  You can decorate the bow with fun edible sprinkles by applying a small amount of water.  I chose the most adorable edible gold stars.

Sure, it takes time to dry but the work is easy peasy.

Perfect Pearls Tutorial 
My friend watched me make a cake one day and was stunned how easy it was to make tons of equal sized pearls.  She was under the impression I was just gifted at grabbing the exact same amount each time.  I would love to have that gift, but in the meantime here is the trick to get them perfect each time!  Using a rolling pin with spacers roll out the desired color of fondant.  Using a small cookie cutter of any shape start cutting away.  Grab each cutout and roll into a ball.  Since all the cutouts are the exact same thickness (thanks to the spacers) and the exact same shape, the pearls will all be equal in size.

Experiment with different shapes and sizes to create the perfect sized pearl.  I was a little plain and used a tiny circle cutter.  Next time I might try a flower cutter... I know, super risky!

If rolling 100 pearls doesn't sound attractive to you, call me and Pastry Shells will customize a dessert just for you!

Contact me at shelly@PastryShells.net.

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