Brasstown Valley Wedding and Scallop Tutorial

Friday, September 19, 2014

My best friend got married this past May and I was so happy and honored to not only be her bridesmaid but to make her wedding cake!  The beautiful wedding was at Brasstown Valley Resort on a rainy day, but the moment the bride walked down the aisle the sun came out... picture perfect!

The cake was decorated with a beautiful and simple scallop design but don't you worry... I captured the process just for you!

Above are the items you need.  An iced cake, number 4 or 5 pastry tip, and two templates in the scallop sizes you prefer.  Also, not pictured, a knife and a fondant sculpting tool.

Using a knife place the larger scallop on the cake and trace the top.  Once that is completed all the way around the cake, repeat the same process with the smaller scallop.

Using the lines as a guide pipe small dots on the cake and use the fondant sculpting tool to pull the dot downward.  I started with the top most row and placed the next row on top of the bottom portion of the previous row.  Another little note I learned is to complete the larger scallop first (omitting the smaller scallop section) then follow with the smaller scallop.

This design is a little tedious but totally worth it!  The end result is a detailed design that is quite simple.

A simple, elegant cake perfect for the rustic and fun wedding!

Congratulations Kelly and Daniel!

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