Fondant Butterfly How To + Cupcakes and Fairy Cake

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This little fairy smash cake and the delicately decorated cupcakes below were made for a one year old birthday party.  The fairy was the background to all the birthday decor so it was required for it to show up on the smash cake.

The red velvet and chocolate cupcakes were adorned with colorful icing and small flying butterflies and flowers.  What is really neat is how easy it is to make a simple flat butterfly into a flying butterfly.  Learn how below!

Cut out your butterflies in the colors of your choosing.  I have a plunger cutter that puts the adorable design on the butterfly too.

Then grab a regular piece of paper and create a zig-zag fold.  Place each butterfly in the zig-zag making sure the middle of the butterfly is directly in the middle of the fold.  Let these dry for a few hours and there you have it!

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