Breakfast at Tiffany's

Friday, July 24, 2015

This is by far one of my favorite cakes I have made!  The best part about this was getting to try two new techniques, mesh stenciling and using an edible printer.

I recently purchased this edible printer and have been obsessed!  I had a few mishaps with it in the beginning but now it is my favorite tool!  When I first assembled the printer the test page would not produce all the colors - it's new, how could something be wrong?  So I did a little research and used a bunch of wet q-tips to cover the sponge on each cartridge.  In the end the colors worked, but they weren't very bright and didn't print the exact color.  So, I did a little more research and discovered these wonderful refillable cartridges and these brilliant inks.  These did the trick!  So, if you are looking at buying an edible printer, make sure to grab these two items as well and just skip the cartridges that come with the printer.  Oh, and have lots of paper towels handy and wear gloves!

The other technique was the mesh stencil.  I have been eyeing just about every mesh stencil on Evil Cake Genius for months now and was so happy to find an excuse to have one.  The pattern on the bottom of the cake was made with the stencil and let me tell you, it was so simple!  I used some black frosting and scraped it along the stencil on top of some fondant.  I then cut around the shape and stuck the fondant on the cake... simple!

I hope you enjoyed this cake and much as I enjoyed making it!

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